Succession / Probate Services for Out-Of-State-Clients

Ryan S. McBride has extensive experience in providing succession and probate services in the following situations:

  1. Deceased person resided in the state of Louisiana at the time of his/her death but all heirs live outside of Louisiana.
  1. Deceased person resided in another state but owned real property only within the state of Louisiana (No probate proceedings were necessary in the state of residence).
  1. Deceased person resided in another state and his/her estate has been probated there. Deceased owned real property in multiple states including the state of Louisiana.
  1. Deceased person resided in Louisiana but only owns real property outside of Louisiana.

The succession or probate process differs somewhat given each scenario mentioned above. Our law office can evaluate your unique situation and provide you with a roadmap outlining those actions that must be carried out to properly transfer ownership of your deceased loved one’s property. We will also provide you with an upfront estimate of how much these services would cost you if you elected to have the Law Office of Ryan S. McBride handle these affairs for you.

Free Consultation

If you are in need of succession services or are about to inherit property from deceased residents of Louisiana or from deceased loved ones who owned property in Louisiana, please contact the Law Firm of Ryan S. McBride today for a free consultation.

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