Initial Consultation / Client Intake Interview

At the Law Office of Ryan S. McBride, we offer a free consultation for all prospective clients.

At your intake interview, Attorney Ryan S. McBride will take you through a comprehensive Succession questionnaire (which you may find here) where all pertinent facts will be gathered, including Deceased’s family history, list of assets, both separate and community, as well as debts of the estate, if any.

We encourage you to bring with you any and all information and documents you may deem useful in determining the items mentioned above, including the following:

a. Certified Copy of Deceased’s Death Certificate (required)
b. Original Last Will and Testament Required, if Applicable
c. Deceased’s most recent Income Tax Return
d. Bank and/or investment statements
e. Retirement plan, Annuity and/or Life Insurance Information
f. Credit Card Statements of Deceased

Once we have all of your documentation, we will explain how the succession process applies to your specific situation and what the next steps will involve.

Start your free consultation today by calling us at 504-265-1705 or by filling our online contact form.