Estate Debt Settlement

Court filings are just one aspect of the Probate Process.

Negotiation and settlement of the Deceased’s Debts is often an overlooked but nevertheless an important component of the overall estate settlement process.

The Law Office of Ryan S. McBride will work to initiate contact with all the creditors of your deceased loved one to close their accounts, resolve debts if applicable, and in some cases negotiate reductions for consumer debt amounts on behalf of the estate (contingency fees for debt negotiation services may apply). It is very important to remember that heirs are NOT personally responsible for the debts of their deceased family members. The liability of any heir is limited to the value of the assets inherited.

It’s important for heirs to know that debt collectors will try to convince them otherwise. DO NOT fall prey to their tactics.

Always seek legal counsel first before paying any of your deceased loved one’s credit card bills.

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